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6,000 JPY per piece.
LINE sticker (8 pieces per pack) 19,000 JPY per pack. Sold in 8-piece increments up to 40 pieces.
The proceeds from the sticker will be deposited in a customer’s bank account.
(one frame cartoon or a comic strip, based on a story and instructions provided by a customer)
10,500 JPY or more per piece.
Price varies depending on the size or the number of frames.
Mascot character For self-employment: 13,500 JPY for the first piece. 12,500 JPY for the second and later piece.

For corporation: 112,500 JPY per piece. Consists of the front and rear, right and left, and top and bottom images with a variety of facial expressions.
Not only an original character can be created from scratch but also it can be based on a portrait of an employer/employee.

Business card/Flyer 10,000 JPY or more per piece.
Price varies depending on the size.
Payment is required in advance for full amount by PayPal.

Additional charge may apply when expedited delivery is requested.

Unless otherwise instructed, all products are electronically delivered in the form of PSD and JPG files.
AI files with the right to modify products can be delivered at an additional cost of 4,500 JPY per piece. Versions of products can be also available at an additional cost of 500 JPY per version.